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Jourdan Simmang_Poetic Asides

The following is a collaboration between a wonderful poet with a keen sence of beauty Jourdan Simmang and me. The somonkas were written as a challenge for Poetic Asides.


The Winds Love More Gently

(by Jourdan Simmang and Lucretia Amstell)

Coy, you are, gliding
swiftly along my side. Warm,
you are, caressing
my transparent flesh. Shame me
into wanting more of you.

Tenacious, you are, rushing
across the ocean, past Gothic cathedrals 
towards me where I whisper 
through the Siberian forests, where 
you push me away with gusts of passion.

Lovers in the Sky

(by Jourdan Simmang and Lucretia Amstell)

With every passing
day, I in vain pursue your
heart. Despite my speed,
I have yet to harness your
chill. Douse my flame. Breathe my smoke.

Stroke my face 
with your ember touch before you leave. 
Wear your gold 
I will in silver until I see you 
again as I fade in your rising glory.

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