четверг, 25 июня 2015 г.

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 13

Day 13
Prompt: confession poem


priests have always made me nervous
I’m a shitty liar
if there’s any decent purpose
to my life it’s fire
burning bridges, burning slowly
truth that needs no bleaching
what is burning on the surface
doesn’t make me holy
truth is something to aspire
born of no teaching
if you ever feel like preaching
I’m the perfect choir

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 12

Day 12
Prompt: damage poem


there’s only a thin wall between us
and I’ve known them all my life

she invites me for tea every Sunday
and he washes his car twice a day

her smile today is no different from
every Sunday smile she wears, maybe

her tea is a little colder than usual
but I’m seeping it anyway, looking

with a tickling curiosity at a cup
that is lying on the floor and maybe

I shouldn’t linger on the thought, it’s merely
a cup. She acts like she doesn’t notice

but I do notice a crack splitting
the cup from top to bottom. So what?

it’s lying in a stain of coffee, fresh
and there’s nothing special about

the scene, but she’s very meticulous
about cleaning, and he’s very meticulous

about her. When it’s time to go
they both see me to the door

her hands are restless, and he hasn’t
touched the cake she baked. I hug her,

holding her close for a second longer
than usual, watching the cup. I notice

the same coffee stain on the wall and
another little one on her bare shoulder

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 11

Day 11
Prompt: seasonal poem


I tick with the world’s clock
and dance with it, spin around
I walk with it, tall and proud
I talk with it, we rock
and roll off the ninth cloud
I tick with the world’s clock
tick-tock, tick-tock

adamant, passionate
raging, burning, crying
rain, mud, calm, snow
howling, freezing, melting
fragile, hopeful

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 10

Day 10
Prompt: “How (blank),”

How can I help you?

you said it yourself, son, you’ve grown
up and down the street is your own son

engaged and mortgaged and not listening
to his father either, prison is not

the worst thing that can happen in life
son, you may think it is, you’d think to run

may well be an option, but running has never
solved problems since Forest Gump, and even

then it didn’t, not really. Living means
fighting and losing battles, but winning

the war without losing yourself, and if
you’ve given up and want to let go of my
hand, son, how can I help you?

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 9

Day 9
Prompt: work poem

Riddles Poem


every morning – up and moving
shoving aside those who don’t let you shine
climbing higher, ever improving
What is it?


starting small and being no one
making the way up through thicket and dirt
with hundreds like him, yet alone
What is it?


day and night achieving quotas
running and running, forever in haste
only to vanish in larger waters
What is it?


male or female, peasant or king
not very different from flower or sun
or river, working, ever working
Who is it?

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 8

Day 8
Prompt: dare poem


Come out, come out! I dare you make night and day.
Come out, I dare you grow, bring many a fruit.
You, I dare to breathe salty water. You there,
I dare you build your homes high and fly in the air.
I dare you live, and eat, and give birth, do you hear?
I dare you two to obey and to do what I say.
Nay, you lost. Now I dare you leave
and live on your own, if you dare,

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 7

Day 7
Prompt: love/anti-love

Love Has No Fear, And Yet. . .

Look! The day is about to melt in the ravenous night
Listen! Silence means something loud is about to happen
Feel it chilling your senses, envelopping, wrapping
Fear is an ominous net for our heart to be trapped in

Cry! Your fearless tears are pure from hatred and spite.
Come! I’ll show you the eye of the storm in its beauty and might

See? Fear is only a part of our nature we tap in
Breathe! Let it go! It’s not fear, it’s love that you fight

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 6

Day 6
Prompt: things-not-as-they-appear

Not at All

not a hero, not a knight
not a savior of the world
not a film star shining bright
not a hero, not a knight
no, I’m not always right
not a count, not an earl
not a hero, not a knight
not a savior of the world

please, stop rummaging my soul
simply love me, dear girl
you don’t have to know it all