понедельник, 6 апреля 2015 г.

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 5

Day 5
Prompt: Vegetable

I Look Out of My Kitchen Window

and I see them be born and grow up
running around with tomato cheeks
petering into beanstalks
into black clothes and celtic crosses

as long as their juices flow
pumping fresh through their perfect bodies
everyone goes wondering
if there’s a seed of wisdom inside

yes, the sun has no mercy on them
sadly, they ripe too soon, old too young
preserved in stuffed offices
hung over, tasteless and watery

and I see them turn into squash
round, long, bear-shaped: gaudy yield
harmless you’d think, but look
they’re eating away at each other

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 4

Day 4
Prompt: departure

Before Time

I know you don’t want to die
I wouldn’t either
it’s not even autumn yet
it’s not even cold

What? Crying? No, I won’t cry
it wouldn’t matter
my tears have never helped
I get it, you’re old

your skin is so fragile and dry
you want some water?
it’s pointless, yeah. don’t yell
just let it unfold

not yet, please, don’t say your goodbye
until it’s over
I’ll be with you, hold you tight
my sweet marigold

пятница, 3 апреля 2015 г.

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 3

Day 3
Prompt: machine

Singing Gears

the world is a big machine
hum-mum-humming its tune
tick-tock-ticking through time
clink-clank-clanging through wars
jing-jing-jingling through Christmas
chop-chop-chopping through pain

evolving and re-evolving
revolving the best it can

knock-knock-knocking on doors
bang-bang-banging on walls
bling-bling-blinking through riches
end-enduring need

inventing and re-inventing
venting and giving vent

lub-dub-dubbing with love
hiss-siss-sizzling with hate
dye-die-dying though life
liv-liv-living through death

the world is a big machine
work-work-working its ass off
for us

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 2

Day 2
Prompt: secret

Under Willow Trees

Wait for me under willow trees
where the nightingale awakes.
Swing and dance
to the song of breeze,
to the song of breeze
meet the new day as it breaks.

I will run till death do us part
to the sound of battle drums;
no one will
ever stop my heart.
Never stop, my heart,
’til from under trees she comes!

Let no dream lead your mind astray
when it’s warm and night is black;
if I’m late
don’t you haste away,
don’t you haste away,
even if I don’t come back.

Wait and look among crooked roots,
find words that I carved out,
whisper them
when the first gun shoots,
when the first gun shoots
listen for my raspy shout,

“Wait for me under willow trees
where the nightingale awakes.
Swing and dance
to the song of breeze,
to the song of breeze
meet the new day as it breaks”.

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 1

Last year I missed the November Challenge of WritersDigest's Poetic Asides, so I'm ready to work with doubled creativity and inspiration for this April PAD Challenge. The prompts are great as always and words just know when to pop up in my mind. I've chosen to explore the world this time, so all my poems will revolve around the amazing, surprising, inconspicuous, terrible and breath-taking things that comprise our beautiful world. World'Song is a working title for the Chapbook (which is not a necessity, but I like the idea of having some sort of an anthology), which will appear on this blog after the Challenge is over.

Ready, steady... Day 1
Prompt: resistance

Wants and Dos

It has been snowing all morning
and no, I’m not projecting
I’m simply there expecting
the grotesque snowflakes to melt

It must, it has to be easy
to change the world for the better
as simple as a child’s letter
something everybody can do

It’s in me, this need for action
I’m thinking of it, I swear
the spring’s somewhat late this year
my soul feels salty and wet

I’m metal, my guts need etching
and maybe then I’ll appear
a hero without fear
metal without resists