четверг, 25 июня 2015 г.

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 12

Day 12
Prompt: damage poem


there’s only a thin wall between us
and I’ve known them all my life

she invites me for tea every Sunday
and he washes his car twice a day

her smile today is no different from
every Sunday smile she wears, maybe

her tea is a little colder than usual
but I’m seeping it anyway, looking

with a tickling curiosity at a cup
that is lying on the floor and maybe

I shouldn’t linger on the thought, it’s merely
a cup. She acts like she doesn’t notice

but I do notice a crack splitting
the cup from top to bottom. So what?

it’s lying in a stain of coffee, fresh
and there’s nothing special about

the scene, but she’s very meticulous
about cleaning, and he’s very meticulous

about her. When it’s time to go
they both see me to the door

her hands are restless, and he hasn’t
touched the cake she baked. I hug her,

holding her close for a second longer
than usual, watching the cup. I notice

the same coffee stain on the wall and
another little one on her bare shoulder

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