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April PAD Challenge Day 18

April PAD Challenge, Day 18
Prompt: a weather poem

Parting on a Rainy Day

Go out and give yourself to the wind,
let it touch you skin gently and kiss
your every inch with untamed passion.

You love the wind with all your might,
you've forgotten how angry it was, how mad
just yesterday.

Let the rain tickle your palm with its loving
drizzle, let it caress your smile when with closed eyes
you put up your face, laced with joy.

You love it. You don't remember, do you?
How that same rain sliced, lashed at us,
slashed our legs, it's a wonder we didn't bleed
just yesterday.

Go out and drink the gold of the sun
hovering over rainbows, wrapping you in its warmth,
making you feel safe and letting you love it;

and there! you do, because you've forgiven
its scorching rage, its restless torture
that made you feel stifled, remember?
just days ago

Do you blame the wind for being windy,
or the rain because it's rainy
do you hate the sun for its sunniness?

Do you hate the world for the way it is?
Would you give it up for another?

Then, why do we always give up
on each other?

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