понедельник, 5 мая 2014 г.

April PAD Challenge Day 22

April PAD Challenge, Day 22
Prompt: an optimistic/pessimistic poem

Going for Retro

Sulking is now this season.
A moody, depressed, cynical
cad, preferably with clinical
record, is the latest trend,
pouting is a brand.

Painted all over T-shirts
is our modern attitude:
find some bad in anything good,
gladness is so yesterday,
grumbling is up-to-date.

Love? How unoriginal!
Romance? An old-fashioned whim!
Kindness? Terribly mainstream!
Sentiment? What a cliche! Nonsense.
So is innocence.

Future keeps no promises,
live and let live, hope is a lie,
remember, we're all gonna die.
If pessimism is the new hot,
I'm ultimately not.

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