пятница, 3 апреля 2015 г.

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 3

Day 3
Prompt: machine

Singing Gears

the world is a big machine
hum-mum-humming its tune
tick-tock-ticking through time
clink-clank-clanging through wars
jing-jing-jingling through Christmas
chop-chop-chopping through pain

evolving and re-evolving
revolving the best it can

knock-knock-knocking on doors
bang-bang-banging on walls
bling-bling-blinking through riches
end-enduring need

inventing and re-inventing
venting and giving vent

lub-dub-dubbing with love
hiss-siss-sizzling with hate
dye-die-dying though life
liv-liv-living through death

the world is a big machine
work-work-working its ass off
for us

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