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April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 1

Last year I missed the November Challenge of WritersDigest's Poetic Asides, so I'm ready to work with doubled creativity and inspiration for this April PAD Challenge. The prompts are great as always and words just know when to pop up in my mind. I've chosen to explore the world this time, so all my poems will revolve around the amazing, surprising, inconspicuous, terrible and breath-taking things that comprise our beautiful world. World'Song is a working title for the Chapbook (which is not a necessity, but I like the idea of having some sort of an anthology), which will appear on this blog after the Challenge is over.

Ready, steady... Day 1
Prompt: resistance

Wants and Dos

It has been snowing all morning
and no, I’m not projecting
I’m simply there expecting
the grotesque snowflakes to melt

It must, it has to be easy
to change the world for the better
as simple as a child’s letter
something everybody can do

It’s in me, this need for action
I’m thinking of it, I swear
the spring’s somewhat late this year
my soul feels salty and wet

I’m metal, my guts need etching
and maybe then I’ll appear
a hero without fear
metal without resists

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