понедельник, 11 января 2016 г.

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 19

Day 19
Prompt: an authority poem.


(poetic form:Interlocking Rubaiyat)

the perfect buzzing of a hive
where labor and submission thrive,
and procreation is the aim;
a perfect allegory of life.

there's no love, there's no shame;
the endless circle of a game;
no winners, prizes or applause:
some lose it all, no one to blame.

each fighting for a common cause,
each needing purpose, seeking laws.
along the blade of someone's knife
each walking straight without pause.

why acting up? why start a strife?
when instinct is the only drive,
a beehive never comes to war;
a measly allegory of life.

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