четверг, 21 января 2016 г.

April PAD Challenge 2015 Day 29

Day 29
Prompt: what nobody knows poem


whenever it rains at night
I rush to the street, wrapped in sheets
on instinct, hoping you might be there
my sad prince in a wet tuxido

without watching your eyes
turn a little green as you wake up
I can’t enjoy this eternal game
of dark and light on emerging skies

my morning yogurt is tasteless
and there is no one to tell that a kangaroo
can’t walk backwards, or that Ron Barceló
is made very far from Barcelona

the clock is especially loud
when no one’s around but my sorrow
and I’m sorry for hating the coffee
a beige ghost of our orange past

I still prefer books in paper
the crunch of fresh lives between my fingers
I feel void when I have to listen
to the silence of computer screens

my own life is neatly stapled
to the memo board, no time to breathe
and no time to miss your steady heartbeat
against my ear at the break of dawn

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