понедельник, 14 апреля 2014 г.

April PAD Challenge Day 11

April PAD Challenge, Day 11
Prompt: make a statement a title of your poem

Don't believe in yourself. Have faith.

Hard as it seems, stop thinking you're the worst,
because you're worth this whole damn world and more!
Who knows what else life has for us in store.
Is there a point wasting time on sulk?

I could just say believing in yourself
is what it takes, but what would it all mean?
Are you a Santa Claus to doubt if you exist?
Are you a Neo lost in your own mind?

Want my advice how to deal with life?
Well, stop believing in yourself, have faith,
because I have, and I can say for sure
you'll get this job.../this girl/this cup/this dream. . .

P.S. and even if you don't, we'll still
be friends,the world will still be there,
and there will always be another chance.

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