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April PAD Challenge Day 3

April PAD Challenge, Day 3
Prompt: a message poem

Words Written with Hope on Air

I'm very good at floundering around.
I'll go out of your way
next time we meet. I'll blush, then pray
you wouldn't see me whisper to the ground:
Gulp me!

I'm excellent at merging with the crowd.
I bet you think I don't exist,
I'm great at carving on my wrist
something I'd never say aloud:
Love me. . .


The Right Thing to Say

It was one of those days when you go
outside just to get some air,
when you wander the streets and know:
kicking stones will get you nowhere;

those days when your heart sinks
and gets up your throat in prickles;
days when your friends and darlings
turn into texts and missed calls;

when some kid smiles at you, and in spite
of yourself you smile back, keep walking
and wonder how on earth the right
thing has been said to you without talking.

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