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April PAD Challenge Day 8

April PAD Challenge, Day 8
Prompt: a violent/peaceful poem


some news may be a sea to deep to delve;
death after death, depression, overdose,
and, let's be honest, deep down to ourselves
we think, 'Thank God, not me, not someone close.'

I'd watch, I'd say, "Oh, my!" and for a while
I would be shocked or sad, but then I'd go
about my business, chanting from my isle,
'Not me, not mine, not somebody I know.'

with all the losk and comfort of our lives
it's hard to see: the world's not just the West;
there's hunger, destitution, human hives. . .
'Not me, not mine, not dearest or nearest!'

who knows, maybe, it is our only way:
to watch the world like through a mired lens
and thus survive, in peace and calm, but hey,
indifference is peaceful violence.

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