понедельник, 14 апреля 2014 г.

April PAD Challenge Day 7

April PAD Challenge, Day 7
Prompt: a self-portrait

Selfie in a More Tranditional Way. Or not.

I thought a self-portrait would be easy.
I take a pencil and draw my outline,
and suddenly - eyes too big, hair too cheesy.
I erase my nose, have some wine,
start over.

I take a red felt pen to fill my lips;
it's dry and only smears awkwardly.
I try a ball-pen and find out it drips
one or two drops too late, like I bleed.
Give over?

Pissed off, I take crayons, draw a sun,
orange flowers strewn over an endless field;
I draw winds and streams that run
across mighty deserts; I build
bridges and cute bungalows on the very edge
of cliffs, I paint them bright and dreamy;
I take a step back to admire the sketch
and think to myself, "Finally, me."

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