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November PAD Chapbook Challenge 16

November PAD Chapbook Challenge
Day 16


She was called the bane of men;
cold and merciless with words, ruthless
in a fight.

Never dresses, never skirts,
no corsets, nor the crown – armor
shining bright.

Stunning beauty, noble blood,
she made knights, the bravest hearts, falter
and retreat.

No one dared to cross her path,
she was said to be the queen no one
could defeat,

till one day there was a man
brave enough to throw his glove, bowing,
to her feet.

He was graceful and agile
fended off her fierce ripostes, smiling
when she cursed,

but before the sun was down,
he grew tired, and his strength waded,
unlike hers.

She attacked, her hits still strong,
dancing to the clang of steel – silent
royal, grand.

As they pulled their helmets off,
in a thrust she knocked his sword out
of his hand.

Panting, he put up his shield,
and her sword razored his sleeve cutting
it to strips;

so, he lunged and by her waist
drew her close, pressing his mouth hard
against her lips,

and the sword, about to strike,
froze half-way and fell, as his fingers
touched her wrist.

What can seem a mortal blade
can be but a blade of grass dying
to be kissed.

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