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November PAD Chapbook Challenge 19

November PAD Chapbook Challenge
Day 19

Love/Hate Theorem Disproved

Given: I love; you don't 
Hypothesis: you hate

I care about you - you care for your dog;
I think of you - you think your lunch is cold;
I miss your touch - you find things to touch;
I know all about you - you know Freud by heart;
I like you, 
poke you, 
comment on your posts - you meet your friends, 
you drink, 
you have a life;
I hate to cry - you never see me cry;
I hardly sleep - you do, but not with me;
I want to be with you - you want a Ford Mondeo;
My world is you - your world is all the world.

Thus: hate is not the opposite of love
          the opposite of love is unconcern

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