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November PAD Chapbook Challenge 23

November PAD Chapbook Challenge
Day 23

Early Spring

I blink 
green sprouts from under icy ground 
pushing through crystal crust.
I'm stiff. I stretch and puff
the icicles off branches in the garden.
I urge reluctant streams 
of melted cold down the road; 
they do as told, but halt
as soon as clouds wrap 
around the sun. I stand here stunned. 
I feel the wind get stronger.
There's something wrong,
as even if I hold my breath
- the wind's still blowing. 
Now it's snowing
and I start to panic. 
Like a tender lover, 
with remnants of my warmth 
I cover shooting buds and sing 
a lullaby to waking bears.
I stare at the sunset
and, in wonder, I wonder if 
maybe I shouldn't be 
Just yet.

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