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November PAD Chapbook Challenge 7

November PAD Chapbook Challenge
Day 7

Every Man's Pain

Every man’s pain is their own.

No use telling a teenager
who has been dumped or grounded,
or maybe just lost a wager
to think of those, rather,
others who may feel worse,
those who are deprived –
pain can’t be put in words,
life won’t hurt any less.

Yes, they will likely laugh,
mock it in years to come,
Sometimes, a night’s enough.

But on this very day,
say, at this very moment
nothing seems any worth,
no one can ease the torment.

Whether a prick of a needle,
whether a cut with a blade,
pain will be pain, no doubt,
no matter how fast it fades.

We can’t ignore our struggles,
give them away as a loan.

No one can fight your fights for you.

Every man’s pain is their own.

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