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November PAD Chapbook Challenge 2

November PAD Chapbook Challenge
Day 2


Hello, there, London, buddy,
how’re you doing?
How’s Benny? Chiming on, I bet?
I heard the news, the living wage increase, eh?
Not bad, I’d say. 8.8? Not bad!
How’s Westminster? Same prickly self? Old bugger,
I miss him, would you tell him that?
How come the birthday kid’s still not hungover?
To think – 150! And still rolls!
Old lady Thames is holding up ok, right?
I heard her Waters have been fined. LOL!
You’re overcast ‘cuz I don’t come to visit?
You know, work. No time to live or die.
But cheer up, London, some day we will rock it!
And hey, what’s that? You’ve something in the Eye!
(Ha-ha, I’ve got you!) Hope you miss me too.
Say hi to Tower.
Take care. Write me soon.

1. Thames Water given £13,000 fine over mishandled roadworks.
2. The London Living Wage has increased to £8.80 an hour, Boris Johnson announced today.

As celebrations of the London Underground service’s 150th anniversary have taken place, plans for its future have been forming too.

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