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November PAD Chapbook Challenge 6

November PAD Chapbook Challenge
Day 6

Of Rude People

It happened on the bus I always take to work.

I didn't mean to elbow my way to the rear end,
I surely didn't mean to say those words I said
or use the tone of voice I had 

                                            not even known I had.

I'm standing outside now with a heavy heart
replaying in my mind the way you looked at me,
considering if now is the time to start
smoking again or if a drink 

                                        would later save the day.

I don't know you at all, I wonder why I care
It wasn't the best start of your day, I suppose.
The morning gives me chills with its accusing glare.
You surely think I was insane, 

                                            I would if I were you.

You must be telling all about 'this crazy wench'
who acted like she was the center of universe
and who for no reason yelled like hell on earth
when all you did was brush her leg 

                                                    in passing with your bag.

I can't turn back the time, nor do I care that much,
you will forget me soon. I only wish you'd known
that I woke up today in my cold bed alone
the first time after twenty years, 

                                                  first out of many more...

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