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November PAD Chapbook Challenge 5

November PAD Chapbook Challenge
Day 5

Fickle Magic

The Great and Powerful
threw his arms apart, and his loose sleeves –
they rained with flowers!
He curled his fingers
to a fist and told a child: “Believe,
see what luck brings us!”
The child puffed
and there! – the hand revealed a candy cane.
The child laughed.
The child stared,
eyes full of awe, clapped his palms to pain.
The child cared
The great magician
(or illusionist one likes to say)
was slick and dashing,
in all his wonders
was the child happy till one day
the magic crumbled.
It hurt to push on,
but at least there was in that child’s world
no more illusion.
There were a few who
hugged the crying child with a kind word,
the ones who knew:
the child was me
the man was you

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