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November PAD Chapbook Challenge 21

November PAD Chapbook Challenge
Day 21

Go Figure

"Aw, well. That's it, enough of you!
Shove your excuses up your lazy pants.
Right, say it! No, on second thought,
you know, just go - you make my hamster sick.
Three years I've spent - three precious year! -
on you, pathetic, selfish... Oh, you know,
even curse words appear too good to waste
Wait, don't come any closer or I'll scream.
Or, better, I will dial 911,
I'm doing it right now. See? That's right,
go on and put your hands up,
roll your eyes, please, help yourself
to my shoehorn. And take your staff!
Or rather, I will mail you all your junk!
Leave, don't forget to slam the door
just as you would, and don't you dare call,
I'll switch my phone off, I'm doing it
right now!.. There!.."

He left. She pushed her tears back;
lied down with her phone in her hands;
she switched it on and stared at it
for hours, awaiting him to call.

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