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November PAD Chapbook Challenge 3

November PAD Chapbook Challenge
Day 3


Our bridge has rusted,
but I still remember the way the railings
felt behind my back.
I’d walked here wrapped in
hopelessness and darkness, and my thin trenchcoat
soaked by the rain.

You’d followed, barefoot,
running through the bushes, as you collapsed I
saw your soles were cut,
just as my soul was
shredded by the tears I’d never shed and
since then never have.

You held my death note
I’d lost in the alley, the note you later
shredded in your hands,
and when you told me
we would die together, I held your hand and
knew that life goes on.

Our bridge has rusted,
but we still remember last time that we were
here we wanted death.
Now when I look at
you there’s nothing more I’ve ever wanted
than for us to live.

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